Welcome to our farm store!


Our fiber's journey begins on our farm with our flock of Finnsheep and our herd of alpacas. Our sheep and alpacas work hard all year growing this beautiful fiber! We carefully maintain their fields and monitor their nutrition to give them every advantage possible in growing the finest quality fiber for you, our valued customer. Once sheared in the spring for their health and comfort each fleece is carefully skirted to remove any parts that are undesirable for spinning. Each fleece is then evaluated for it's best use and it's journey continues where it is transformed into the products you see below.

Browse on over to our sheep page to meet the wonderful animals responsible for these beautiful products


Beautiful blends of our farm grown Finnsheep and alpaca fiber from our flock.


One of a kind handwovens made here on our farm grown fiber from our flock of Finnsheep and herd of alpacas.


Hand-dyed and natural color Finnsheep and alpaca yarn from our flock of Finnsheep and herd of alpacas.

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