Shearing & Hoof Trimming Services

I provide the following shearing services to small fiber flocks and hobby farm owners:

  • Llama and alpaca shearing

  • Angora & Pygora goat shearing

Hoof Care

  • Hoof trimming for sheep, goats, alpacas and llamas

Tooth Care

  • Tooth trimming for alpacas and llamas (incisor trimming and fighting tooth trimming utilizing a dremel)

Shearing & Hoof Care Prices:

  • Alpaca

    • $30-$35 per alpaca

    • Includes: shearing, hoof trim and tooth care if needed

  • Llama

    • $35-$40 per llama

    • Includes: shearing, hoof trim​​​

  • Angora Goats/Pygora Goats

    • $18-$25 per goat

    • Includes: shearing, hoof trim

  • Hoof/toenail trims only

    • for alpacas, llamas, goats and sheep $10 per animal

  • Camelid tooth trims (incisors and fighting teeth) only

    • $10 per animal

  • Setup/Travel Fee

    • $1/mile

Payment Policies

Payment is required at the time of service.  Checks or cash are preferred.  Credit card payments can be accepted and an additional 3.275% surcharge will be incurred for using PayPal. There will be a $35 fee for all returned checks.

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