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Beeswax Salve

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Our beeswax salves are made by solar infusing grapeseed oil with herbs especially chosen for their skin loving properties. After solar infusing for a month the oil is then strained to remove the herbs leaving behind all the goodness the herbs have infused into the oil. The solar infused oil is then blended with shea butter and beeswax.

The possibilities are endless with this salve; use it to relieve the itch of bug bites, heal chapped elbows and knees, moisturize your lips, seal your hands in hydration after handwashing, the list goes on and on.


When we harvest our honey we carefully uncap the honey frames removing only the beeswax cap that seals each cell within the comb while preserving the rest of the honeycomb for the bees to reuse the next spring to store honey in. We then carefully melt the harvested wax and strain it to remove any debris so that it can be used in our salves. Beeswax contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. These qualities offer the perfect balance of nourishment to calm the skin, keep it clear and bacteria free, heal wounds and fight infection. The consistency of beeswax acts as a protective barrier. When applied to the skin or combined with other skin care ingredients, it has the ability to block out irritants while allowing the skin to breathe.