We maintain a breeding flock of registered FBA Finnsheep utilizing a rotational grazing pasture-based system. We breed for correct conformation, exceptional fleece, gentle dispositions, rapid growth, parasite resistance and exceptional mothering instincts within our flock. We are able to assist in selecting lambs to create starter flocks for new shepherds and provide on-going mentorship as well as provide varied sound genetics for established breeding operations.
Pedigrees of all of our finnsheep can be found here on the Finnsheep Breeders Association pedigree database
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For more information about finnsheep visit the Finnsheep Breeders Association at

 A few of our ewes

Pictured above is Cedar View 2009 FBA# 32234

Pictured above is Stillmeadow Jasmine FBA# 27052


Pictured above from left to right is Cedar View 2030 FBA# 32238 and Point of View Dateline FBA# 31339


Pictured above is Gypsy Mountain Willow FBA# 30337 and Cedar View Donut FBA# 31184 at a couple hours old.


Pictured above is Cedar View Grace FBA# 32235 as a lamb



Pictured above Cedar View Dotty FBA# 31183



Pictured above is Cedar View Farm Smokey FBA# 33323 
 Our Rams