Cedar View Farm is proud to be able to offer both medium and deep 5 frame nucleus colonies. We work hard to provide you with quality, healthy bees. 

We raise Spring nucleus colonies (nucs) from our own bees. We pride ourselves on raising healthy productive bees. Nucs are available on deep or medium frames. Nucs are 5 frames and consist of at least 2 frames of brood in all stages and 2 frames with honey and pollen resources. All queens are marked. Nucs are generally ready at the end of April through late May 2022. Pick up is in Mitchells, VA. Detailed pick up date, preparation & care instructions will sent pior to pick up. We will transfer the bees into your equipment here. At that time we will identify brood, honey, pollen, find the queen and answer any questions you have.  

Please contact us to reserve your 2022 spring nucs!