Farm Classes & Workshops

We are passionate about teaching all things fiber and fiber animal related! We attempt to provide as many teaching opportunities as we can. We frequently hold workshops on spinning and fiber preparation, participate in public events providing hand spinning and weaving demonstrations and regularly hold children’s fiber farm classes. In addition to group workshops and events we also provide private instruction in hand spinning and have successfully created confident hand spinners in a couple hours time! We welcome the opportunity to customize a class for you and or your group’s needs!


Homeschool Farm Classes

Cedar View Farm invites you to come for a day of learning and fun at our fiber farm class!

We are a small fiber farm specializing in raising sheep and alpaca for their lovely fiber which we handspin and handweave and dairy goats for their milk which we use to make our goats milk soap.

Come meet our sheep, dairy goats and alpacas and learn about their care and and the wonderful things we make from our sheep and alpaca fiber and goats milk. Children will get to meet our animals while learning about their care and husbandry and have the opportunity to get hands on and experience the different steps taken in transforming raw fleece into a handmade article of clothing.

Please come dressed in comfortable shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty!


Price: $10/person

Duration: 1 1/2 hours


Contact us to schedule a private class for your group or homeschool co-op!