Welcome to Cedar View Farm

Cedar View Farm is located in the small town of Mitchells, VA. We keep a breeding flock of FBA registered Finnsheep and offer both breeding and pet quality stock. We offer wool in all stages of processing – raw, washed, combed, dyed, roving, yarn, and handmade items! In addition to our sheep we also maintain a small herd of alpacas and dairy goats whose milk we use to make our rich goats milk soap and goats milk lotion.

Take time to visit our store, we add new items monthly.

Handmade Handwovens

Homegrown, hand-processed, handspun and handwoven. Handmade handwovens made here on our farm.

From our farm to your family!

Let us help you build your flock!

For the small fiber flock or large commercial flock we have the genetics  to help you build your flock.

From Raw to Handspun

Farm grown fiber from raw wool, to roving, to handspun yarn. 

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