Welcome to our farm!

Cedar View Farm is located in Central VA where we keep a breeding flock of FBA registered Finnsheep utilizing a pasture-based rotational grazing system and specialize in offering FBA registered breeding stock as well as farm grown wool in all stages of processing including spinning fiber, yarn, and finished products.

As a complement to our wonderful finnsheep, we also raise french angora rabbits for their luxurious fiber with hopes to show in the future.

In addition to our Finnsheep and angora rabbits, we also keep a medium size apiary and offer honey and beeswax products as well as nucleus colonies.

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Our Finnsheep

We maintain a breeding flock of registered FBA Finnsheep utilizing a rotational grazing pasture-based system. We strive to breed for correct conformation, exceptional fleece, gentle dispositions, rapid growth, parasite resistance, litter size and exceptional mothering instincts. We are able to assist in selecting lambs to create starter flocks for new shepherds and provide ongoing mentoring as well as provide varied sound genetics to assist in the development of established flocks.

Meet Our Finnsheep

Our Angora Rabbits

Our French Angora rabbits are our newest addition to the farm. Their luxurious fiber is the perfect compliment to our finnsheep wool.

Meet Our Rabbits

Our Apiary

Cedar View Farm is proud to be able to offer both medium and deep 5 frame nucleus colonies as well as our raw honey and beeswax products. We work hard to provide you with quality, healthy bees and honey.

Our Apiary